While growing up I watched my mother juggle two roles: one of a dedicated professional and the other of a nurturing caretaker. However, she was always frowned upon by family and our society on how she was trying to balance both. Therefore, she used to overcompensate by doing elaborate things and going the extra mile, all in an attempt to try and make up for not being with us all the time, trying to be “perfect”. If only she, and other mothers knew: there are no set rules to being a perfect mother, because motherhood doesn’t come with a set of instructions! There’s no perfect way of doing things, especially for working women.

The bond between a mother and her child transcends everything; it is special and forever, and to let opinions and societal expectations dictate this unique bond is unfair. At the end of the day, the key to is to “keep love simple”, and rather than struggling to achieve this self-created perception of “perfection” one needs to celebrate life, relish the small moments that make life precious, and spread love by doing the simple things that make everyone, especially our kids, happy.

OPA Fries is helping do just that. Thanks to their range of frozen fries mothers can now spend quality time bonding with her kids, sharing in her child’s ultimate love of FRENCH FRIES, such a simple yet integral part of their childhood, instead of putting extra hours in the kitchen contemplating over “abhi aloo laanay hain and katnay hain”. OPA Fries are a hygienic and high-quality product that are made from 100% natural potato that are super easy to store and cook. One of the best parts about OPA Fries is that they come in 4 cuts (which means there will be no deliberation between cutting lambay aloo or motay aloo) and can be prepared within 5 minutes.

The 4 cuts of OPA Fries are:

  • Original Fries (purple pack) are for those who like thin fries
  • Chunky Fries (orange pack) are thicker than original
  • Super Chunky (red pack) are the thickest of all, for those who like extra thick fries
  • Crinkle (blue pack) have a zig-zag edge to add an extra bit of crispiness to the fries

Furthermore, the OPA Fries are easily available in all the major stores in Pakistan; Imtiaz, Naheed, Chase, Bin Hashim, Spar, Agha’s, Carrefour, METRO, Alfatah, Jalal Sons, CSD, Rainbow, Madina Cash & Carry and Punjab Cash & Carry. They’re even being used in a large number of hotels and restaurants, so just know that whenever you order a burger or anything with French fries, there’s a good chance you’re having OPA!

So, for all mothers out there, don’t overcomplicate things, keep them simple. Just like the simple nature of fries and the pure, unadulterated love kids have for them, keep your love simple and make the most of the simple moments with your kids. Save time in the kitchen, and make precious memories with your kids instead. OPA Fries got it right!


Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.