Art Struck Elan

Hear, hear! The one and only Khadijah Shah, the woman behind Elan & Sapphire two power brands of the Pakistan Fashion Industry, is sharing her summer commandments. In the summer spirit, Khadijah’s ready to wear collection for Sapphire is perfect for the summer – fun, quirky prints that are light and fun. The men’s collection has also been launched for the first time and it is definitely worth looking into!

With the heat waves making rounds across the country, who could advise us better than Lahore’s Haute Couture Queen herself.

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Elan VitalFirst Commandment – Pastel shades

The sweltering heat that graces us with its presence every summer makes it almost unbearable to wear dark colours. Pastel shades are the way to go – it’s light on the skin and incredibly soothing to the eyes. White on white can never go wrong either.

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