A walk in the deepest parts of nature is a gateway towards inspiration that is born from within the diversity that the natural world brings, and Koku London draws inspiration from what beauty has to offer to the large number of women who are still not past the lawn fervor. Their volume 2 which is scheduled to be open for pre-booking on April 13, and launches April 16 is blended, while keeping in mind, the taste of Pakistani women; which is traditional designs, but with a modern touch to appease every woman’s taste.

Koku London Experience Lawn Volume 2 is an intricate blend of lilac and millennial pink infused with a diverse colour palette because each design and print is meant to exhibit the most of this season in its finest form. Each print from Koku London’s Volume 2 is vivid, different and unique. You will find a baptism of floral patterns and geometry which is a spiritual revival of each design that is elaborate in detail such as floral embroideries. Moreover, each print is a frontrunner because you can design them with statement sleeves that will define the shape of the outfit, or embellish them with fringes and tassels, which is a raging trend nowadays.

Either way you can glam your Koku London lawn outfit fashionably. What we’ve seen over the years is a fad that is increasingly growing and targets an audience that expresses a distinct taste in how they like to dress. Koku London intends to entrap these women who want to look their best and at the same time, carry a foreign charm that the volume 2 promises to bring. So, do not let your lawn moment be dull for one second and grab your favourite Koku London lawn outfit by visiting their website Koku London Experience and social media links for a quick preview of their volume 2 that goes online tomorrow, April 13.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.