LALA Textile

This year we have really been hit hard by Lawn, its really hard to even make a differentiation at times because of the prints and color palates, even the shoots being quite similar in most cases.

While most lawns have concentrated on floral as the big trend and focused on shorter shirts and flared pants, LALA Lawn kept things a little different by keeping the shirts long and staying away from pastels. With straight pants, longer length and bright multi color, and very heavy embroideries, Lala gives women an option to buy something that they might want but can not find in most of the Lawn collections.

For this season (and for any for that matter) we feel one should dress according to their own sense of style and comfort. Following trends is great, but the ability to make them your own is even better! If you like longer shirts, brighter colors, go for it by all means, as long as you feel comfortable carrying it off.


Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.