When you love doing interiors as much as we do you want everything in your home to be absolutely on spot. It’s not enough to simply paint the walls a special color or furnish it, accessorizing your home is extremely important with the right accessories and knowledge of what to use where.

One of the most important accessories in home décor is lamps. They change the mood of any room with the kind of lighting they provide and no one can undermine the value of a beautiful lamp. However we put very little thought behind what kind of lamp and lighting should be used in accordance to the mood of the room.

We headed to our favorite interior experts Dolce Vita Homes to pick out some of our favorite lamps and talk about what to use where. To our surprise we learnt that the lamp shades are mostly responsible for the way the light falls in a room and how every lamp shade has a different setting that goes along with the mood of the room.

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Types of Lamp ShadesBell Shape:

As the name suggests this shade has a bell shape meaning the sides are curbing and sloping towards the bottom. Bell shades are normally found in traditional and transitional settings.

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Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.