9Lines at Latelier Islamabad

23rd May 2015, Fashion Day Out, marked LAtelier’s five years in the industry. To mark this day Pakistan’s premier multi-brand store held a one day exhibition featuring brands from London, Karachi and Lahore for the first time in Islamabad.

The management team of LAtelier – Ahsan, Sadaf, Sarah and Zahra highlighted the decision to commemorate their five years by putting together “an event showcasing the avant-garde designers of our time, brought together to the capital for the very first time”.

Fashion Day Out was one of the series of events that the retailer has planned to mark this milestone in addition to providing an exclusive service to their loyal clients.

The renowned brands present included Rema, Farah Talib Aziz, Zohra Rahman, Ayesha-Somaya, T-Shirt Swag, 9lines, Saira Rizwan and Popinjay. The 9Lines team, Shehrbano Raza Rizvi of Popinjay, and Zohra Rahman were present to showcase their work to the public throughout the day.