I have to say this, because the last time I attempted something like this many women got offended, that this is an attempted humorous piece. You may not think I am funny, and you don’t have to laugh (with me or at me), but please for the love of Lawn do not get offended (you might know who you are :)) LAWN EXHIBITIONS

So I am a Lahori woman, been one all my life and chances are will be one for what is left of it. And I love Lahore to the core (so much that I supported Lahore Qalandars at PSL). However, there are some things only a Lahori can think and feel. There are certain traits that are purely Lahori, such as feeling obligated to take anyone visiting Lahore out for a meal, making sure if someone asks you the way that you almost drive them there. Having said that, we are the warmest and the loudest people you will find in Pakistan.

One thing Lahoris love, getting dressed. Whether you are out shopping, eating at McDonalds, attending a funeral or picking your kids from school, you will see perfectly dressed, manicured, blow dried women (and really hats off to them for looking the way they do) It is just the way it is, nothing right or wrong about it. Just like the Germans are so well dressed they seem to be out of a catalogue…And when spring summer hits with its Lawn season things become extra fun. Elan-Lawn-2015-Lahore-Event-Setup-1-Vmag

Now we attend a lot of lawn exhibitions owing to the blog, and most of them in Lahore, and with the God gifted power of hearing we have heard some things at almost every Lawn exhibition! Please excuse the Roman!

1. Hai Allah Miyan, kahin 13A khatam na ho jaye…

2. Usko dekho pooray mohallay kay liye suit ley liye!

3. (On Phone) 1B khatam hogya jaldi batao ab konsa lounnn!

4. Is joray kay sath merey new Valentinos bohat smart lagain ge.

5. Abhi wapisi par master ko call karo, mein nay Uzma se pehlay pehnana hai ye suit.

beech tree-7

6. Nahi itna mehnga waala Saas kay liye nahi lena mein nay!

7. Tumhein wohi pasand aata hai jo mein nay choose kiya ho!

8. Hai isko red color suit hi nahi karna…lenay do

9. Merey hair dye kay sath ye rang acha lagay ga na!

10. Kaha thaa exhibition se 2 ghantay pehlay aatay hein ab kuch nahi milay ga.

11. (Towards closing time) Jo bhi suit bacha hai dey dein!

Black Friday Fight 2015 on Sales Deals at Sapphire In Lahore Pakistan By Crazy Women - YouTube_2


Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.