#letwomenbe by edenrobe

Edenrobe is a fashion forward apparel brand that has just launched their latest campaign #LetWomenBe by edenrobe woman. This new campaign features the versatile face, Sana Javed who represents the face of the modern woman in Pakistan. This collection has launched on March 9, 2019 and is an exciting and eclectic mix of ensembles that are simply to die for. While the collection itself has some incredible pieces, we are blown away by the narrative of this year’s line. The collection has been launched with a unique set of principles laid down by the brand. Not just this, the collection itself is a stellar combination of colours, prints and embellishment.

The latest campaign by edenrobe is versatile and bold. It address a serious grievance in our society, the lack of women empowerment. The concept of their new line revolves around celebrating womanhood and real femininity. Through this campaign, the brand hopes promote the inclusion of women as part of society at par with men thereby empowering them. They ask the basic question: why should a woman in the working sphere be treated like an alien? There is nothing out of place when a woman leaves her home to go out into the public sphere for work or education or even leisure. Therefore, a working woman or rather any woman, should be nothing out of the ordinary no matter what she chooses to make of her life. She could be a doctor, an engineer,  The campaign pays homage to the women who take a chance. Those who step out of the comforts of their designated spaces and reach out to claim their own territory.

This impressive campaign addresses the real woman of our society. Not just the glitz and glamour we see on billboards. It is about talking to women as an integral part of society who are equitable to men. As part of their campaign, they have launched a whole line of apparel. This apparel is perfect for the woman who is courageous and daring. It is for the confident woman who dares to dream.

The brand has also launched a video that resonates with a similar fact. The video dares the society to stand between women and their dreams. We see women side-by-side men, doing everything a man can do. For example, riding a bike, winning awards, playing cricket and more.

Additionally, Instagram has supported edenrobe’s campaign #LetWomenBe with fervour. We see numerous women holding placards on Insta with tag lines such as “I am not bossy, I am passionate”, “What I have is a 9 to 9 job and I couldn’t be happier”, “Think Equality”, “I believe in me” among so many more. Numerous influencers and women have come out to support this movement as well. Making this campaign

#LetWomenBe by edenrobe is a line of unstitched apparel with more than 113 designs featuring 1 piece, 2 pieces and 3 pieces. The collections include a Mother’s collection, Chiffon Dupatta, Premium, Silk Dupatta and Woven collection. It aims to cater to all the real women who stand tall side-by-side men and create a place for themselves in society. All outfits are made with breezy fabrics perfect for the coming summer featuring alluring shades of the season. We love the colourful embroideries and playful prints that offer a multi-dimensional approach to womenswear. You can dress it up or down with a simple change in accessories and lip colour. This is one of the key reasons, edenrobe is a top choice for the merciless summer.

Written by Foha Raza
Assistant Editor.