When students enter their schools, they want to feel inspired. They want to have a place where they can enjoy learning, an oasis to which they feel a sense of belonging.

The City School campuses provide exactly that. The City School is one of the largest private school networks in Pakistan, with over 166 schools in over 49 cities providing education to as many as 126,000 students across Pakistan.

This large student body is a recognition of the world class education and facilities provided at the City School campuses, so that parents and children choose The City School to become their alma mater again and again.


Recently The City School announced its O/A Levels and Matriculation results which were one of the best results in the whole of Pakistan.

The consistency in maintaining the best results all these years are a tribute to the hard work put in by the City School instructors and the management who continuously revise and update teaching methodologies within the classroom, the main curriculum whilst providing innovative solutions to the challenges students face today. Each campus provides counselling services, after-school classes of foreign languages and preparation for SAT and IELTS making the student ready for the next step after they graduate from The City School.

This is why students develop a long term affiliation with their schools and give back to their alma mater as alumni, by attending reunions and becoming mentors to current students. This is a mark of their happiness and satisfaction with The City School which has helped shape them for a better tomorrow. Today, alumni of The City School hold a diversified range of senior roles in multiple international organisations worldwide and this is only because of the consistency in philosophy The City School has maintained for the past forty years.


The City School branches offer sprawling, purpose-built campuses, practical classrooms, science laboratories with modern scientific equipment, state-of-the-art computer labs, well stocked libraries, art and music classes.

A healthy mind needs to be accompanied with a healthy body. The City School firmly believes in this philosophy that sports is as essential as academics for all age groups, so they can grow up to be active, learned and  well-rounded individuals. The City School grounds are equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art amenities, so students can play all sorts of sports like Cricket, Football, Basketball, Table Tennis, and Tug of War, Handball, Karate, Jujitsu and Badminton, among many other sports.

The modern architecture of the schools’ campuses is welcoming with its airy, open feel, lush plantation and shaded trees, so students can enjoy being close to nature, during their breaks and games period.

The O/A Level classrooms are particularly well equipped with air-conditioners. Students also have access to recreational areas, common rooms, cafeteria, gymnasium and conference rooms/auditorium for holding concerts and plays, among other facilities.

These resources provided at The City School campuses pay homage to how seriously the schooling network believes in giving quality education to its students in the best possible environment, so they can stand shoulder to shoulder with students from any developed country.


In today’s world, it is imperative that children know how to use technology to complement their studies and get the best out of their education. The City School prepares students for tomorrow and integrates technology in its education, right from the very beginning through its ICT and e-Learning endeavours, by using technological support for its pupils.

That’s not all. Students have access to state-of-the-art libraries at all campuses. These libraries offer books from all over the world and also have digitised versions of these books available. Bulky, outdated encyclopaedias, anthologies and dictionaries have now been replaced by modern resources, which students have access to at the touch of a button in the libraries. All these amenities ensure that The City School students are exposed to the latest technology from the start of their affiliation with the school, so they become global citizens in the real sense.


The City School curriculum is derived from the UK National Curriculum and guides students from nursery right up till they take their O/A Levels examinations. The City School selects its instructors after a thorough evaluation process, in which the teachers are chosen based on their years of experience as curriculum developers and go through rigorous trainings. Moreover, the school also encourages teachers to remain abreast with the updates in educational methodologies, so they can provide the best possible instruction to students and to ensure that no student is left behind.

Moreover, The City School regularly appoints curriculum consultants from UK to lead teams of the schools’ teachers in revising their curriculum and syllabi through bi-annual and annual teacher trainings. All these trainings are aimed at ensuring that students have access to the most updated, quality international standard of education.

The City School today has made a considerable contribution in developing and polishing the Pakistani youth making them, the ‘citizens of the future’.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.