I turned 30 this year and believe and I remember asking google and every sane person in my contacts on what should essentially be done when you turn 30. Yes it isn’t a big deal and age is just a number but if this number is 30 and you are a female you need to stop and make some essential lifestyle changes. Your health needs more attention as your body is changing with age. You do not need to fret about it like me, we have got your back.

Here’s a list of lifestyle changes every nearly 30 or 30 plus women should consider for a healthier life ahead.

Follow a Diet Plan

The Thirties is a great time to find a diet you can follow. You have been searching net through the previous years now it’s time to get a proper diet plan. Consult a nutritionist to get a diet plan designed specifically for you. A tailored to needs diet plan is what you need now.

Short on Time? Have an Online Consultation

If you cannot visit a nutritionist personally go for online consultation using websites like MARHAM. Following a proper diet will help you shed extra pounds and pack on essential nutrients your body needs.

Work out Regularly

You have been planning to make exercise a part of your routine but now you have to make it a staple. Exercise is essential to keep your bones strong, maintain weight, and keep chronic diseases like diabetes and blood pressure at bay.

Perform a Monthly Breast Exam

Every woman in their thirties should exam their breasts every month and report any changes in appearance, color, lumps, pain, or swelling to their physicians asap. Mammography screening is also advised especially if you have a close relative affected with breast cancer. Besides this get in touch with your physician to find out what other screening tests are necessary for you now.

Learn to Manage Your Anger

Humans have emotions and it is perfectly normal to feel angry or upset at times. Learning how to deal with it can save you from side effects of suppressing anger. Manage your energies so as you and people around you are not affected negatively.


Grab your yoga mat and head to a quiet location. Incorporating meditation in your lifestyle promises many positive effects. Yoga, tai chi, or any other form of meditation can be your choice. Silencing your thoughts and indulging in a few silent moments will make you feel much better. Also, it’s a great way to check how you are feeling. Google a place near you that offers these zen services.

Making sure you are happy is essential at any point in your life. Tend to your heart, mend broken relations, do not just breath LIVE, travel, forgive and laugh. The Thirties is an accomplishment that needs you to celebrate your being.