People want newness, and today we’ve moved from the traditional code of fashion because what appeases us more is not the conventional way of shopping, rather a more seasonal approach that is minimalistic and chic. Sapphire Pakistan is a house hold brand that offers the women of all ages a breath of fresh air with their play on colours, style and designs, and craftsmanship for both pret and unstitched collections; however with their most recent collection, “A Deco Life” highlights a movement that inspired women to revolutionize the fashion world.

With the launch of Sapphires volume IV, relive old-world glamour and sophistication with the “A Deco Life” which is stimulated by geometric motifs, curvilinear forms, sharply defined outlines and bold colors. The style and design throws shade on the art deco era that exuded wealth, prominence and luxury that will fall in sync with every modernists love for all things in vogue.

“A Deco Life” embodies freshness and creates a diverse distinction from regular patterns and tilts towards prominence in lines and shapes, and a bold colour palette that captures the essence of summers. As fashionable people, let’s get one thing straight; no matter your height, body shape or weight, you can wear patterns and prints. And with this collection, there is a wide choice of beautiful prints that remain undiscovered so you have the opportunity to create looks that are radically distant from feeling anything less than empowered.

This summer choose to look fearless, but fabulous nonetheless with art deco fashion incorporated in your outfit. Since “A Deco Life” is out and in stores, you can also take a few tips from Sapphire on how to style your outfit and keep up with the trends in terms of stitching and embellishments. So live it up with the deco style and the many different aesthetics brought forward with the blossoming of art, ballet, theatre and films into fashion everyday with Sapphire at affordable prices in a store near you.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.