Mahgul Home Couture

Mahgul Rashid and Home Couture are two prominent names in the luxury label category. We remember Mahgul from her showcase at PFDC in the ‘Rising Talent’ and Home Couture has already managed to establish itself as one of the leading brand in home interiors. So it was no wonder that when the two names collided, Lahore saw an array of socialites and celebrities drawn to their exhibition with some exquisite pieces on display.

Mahgul Rashid & Attiya Noon

Mahgul exhibited a collection using a variety of bright colors and pastel hues with customized embroideries for Spring and Summer wear this season. Her collection drew inspiration from the Oriental influences to European. Furthermore, for this collection specifically Mahgul worked on limited edition prints including geometric prints and a more whimsical approach to the outfits.

Mahgul Rashid

Home Couture exhibited their collection ‘Celestial Gold’ inspired from the mystical literature whereby this world is thought off as the reflection of another perfect world generally thought off as Paradise. The pieces on display worked with elements that included sacred geometry featuring use of natural imagery with a color palette of green, blue, coral and gold.

Home Couture

The thing with luxury brands like these it that they always have something unique and exceptional that serves as an excellent addition to your a) wardrobe b) interiors. So if you are looking to add a little oomph to either consider Mahgul & Home Couture. Meanwhile, have a look at what the dynamic duo presented on this exhibition:

If you are interested in purchasing items from Home Couture, their store is located above Cinnabon in Gulberg, Lahore on Mian Mehmood Ali Kasuri Road. While Mahgul is available as a standalone studio in Gulberg and works with formals, bridals and luxury pret appointments. Mahguls outfits are also available at Ensemble in Lahore & Karachi both, PFDC in Lahore and in Fashion Pakistan Lounge.

Written by Foha Raza
Assistant Editor.