It is easy to set a room that looked like it popped out of a magazine but how many people can honestly say, that they properly maintain the items that make the room like stunning? Not a lot, we are willing to bet.  So when it comes to tapestry, maintaining leather furniture is easily the overlooked part, mostly because many think of leather as a sturdy alternative to fabric. So, how can it possibly need attention, right? Wrong. While that may be true for the most part (leather being sturdy and all), it doesn’t imply that leather will remain in its glorious form without the proper care. It is, after all, an expensive buy. Slowly, if not properly taken care of, it will expire before its due time. We don’t want that, now do we?

So, we spoke to one of the experts in the field, Dolce Vita, on maintaining your leather furniture. Dolce Vita is the first store in Pakistan dedicated to sleep systems and luxury. The brand has been creating art pieces for decor for some time now and produces some exquisite pieces for your home such as decor items, sleep systems, and a wide array of furniture including leather pieces. We asked them about maintaining leather furniture and this is what we learned:


Clean It Up:
Many people believe that leather will be fine on its own. That is not the case. Just like any other piece of furniture in your house, leather too needs to be maintained. This is the most simplest and easiest tip ever. Make sure you dust your leather item regularly with a dry cloth and clean it properly with a vacuum; preferably every week. However, be sure when you spill something you clean it quickly and not let it sink.

Condition That Sofa:

Yup, you heard it right. For keeping your leather furniture piece intact, it is advised to use a proper conditioner for leather on it every six to twelve months. Many people are weary of using this but trust us, this will work. However, one thing to keep in mind is that excess use, for example using it every month, can also lead to leather deteriorating. So, make sure you condition that sofa only once in six months. Moreover, while picking out a conditioner make sure it is a mild one because most products available in the market are too strong.

Water and Solvents Are A No-No
Using water or a moist cloth on your leather item is undeniably the worst (AND the most common) thing you can do. This includes using cleaning solvents, soaps and ammonia-based products. These items act as a catalyst to the breaking and damaging of leather. Like we mentioned before, simply use a dry cloth where possible. If there is a stain, use the minimum amount of water or soap which is just enough to clean stain.

Written by Foha Raza
Assistant Editor.