Mausummery Lawn 2015

When we think lawn, we can come up with an entire directory of names that have been and gone, but only a few have stood the test of time and delivered constantly without disappointing like Mausummery which has been serving it’s patrons since 1997.

This season, Mausummery has launched it’s lawn collection with a wide array of colours, designs and prices. In the cluttered Lawn market Mausummery, stands out with its classic pieces and colors ranging from serene off whites to ruby reds offer the widest colour palate to tantalize women of all ages. For the nonconformist fashionist who refuses to wear a three piece lawn suit Mausummery offers two piece and the option to buy loose fabric.

Under the guidance of Ayesha Mansoor, Mausummery has launched its ready to wear line also for the woman of today making it even simpler to shop and be a part of the Mausummery experience.  We are personally quite excited about the SS 15 collection now in stores and are looking forward to coming home with a few shopping bags full of gorgeous lawn and ready to wear shirts.  After all a girls has to do what a girls has to do to stay ahead of the style game.

Here’s a look at what we love from the new collection and one look will tell you why we are such great Mausummery fans.

Mausummery Lawn 2015 Mausummery Lawn 2015 Mausummery Lawn 2015 Mausummery Lawn 2015 Mausummery Lawn 2015

Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.