FYI – if you’re not comfortable with this post, we’d advise you to skip it. But for the sake of personal hygiene, go at it! However be sure to know that it is absolutely up to you if you want to use menstrual cups because things could get messy if you aren’t smart with it.

Ps. Here’s a HOW-TO video on menstrual cups also.

What Are Menstrual Cups?

Menstrual cups are cups made out of medical-grade silicone intended for the collection of menstrual fluids.

These are reusable and have been in the market since as long as tampons and pads. But the biggies in the industry chose to market disposable products. Else who would pay them pink tax every month!

Why do we need to swap disposable products with menstrual cups?

While disposable products have been long in use their side effects are numerous. These serve as a perfect ground for bacteria and you are at risk of toxic shock syndrome in case you forget to remove a tampon on time. Not to mention the never-ending addition to the landfill and potential environmental hazards. On the other side with menstrual cups, there are no such issues. All the fluid is collected into the cup that can be emptied later on. These are reusable and durable.

What are the benefits of using menstrual cups?

Use of menstrual cups entails many benefits. Such as:

Safe Choice

Use of menstrual cups instead of pads/tampons is good for your health. It reduces chances of infection, toxic shock syndrome, and is way more hygienic.

Zero Land Fill

Since these are reusable and a good quality menstrual cup can last you anywhere between 5-10 years, you can save Mama Earth from tons of garbage.

Convenient and Comfortable

Once you get the hang of it you will be fairly more comfortable in using a menstrual cup as compared to disposable products. Also, when inserted correctly there are no chances of leaks and embarrassing stains. And you do not need to hang around a bathroom ever4 hours. As these can collect fluid for 6-10 hours.

How to Use a menstrual cup?

To be honest, initially, it may seem like a whole lot of effort to learn the correct way of using menstrual cups. You have to insert these folding the upper rim of the cup into half. Once it inside make it go way up. Then you can leave and tug at the tail slightly to create a suction effect.

How to ensure it is inserted correctly?

Once the cup is inside you can check by running a finger around its upper rim to ensure it has opened up and is round with no dents. If it does not open all the way either it is not the correct size for your cervix or you, it is not up enough inside your body.

How to get the perfect size of the menstrual cup?

This is all about trial and error. You will need to try and find out which size suits you better. Most brands have several size ranges and body build can be taken as a guide for size selection however there is no sure shot way for this.

How to take the cup out?

To take out the cup you will need to contract your abdominal muscles and push the cup out. This will bring it down so you can hold the tail. Wait you cannot pull it out because of suction. When it is down enough gently squeeze its lower end and suction will be released. Now you can take it out and empty it.

What is maintenance and care for menstrual cups?

During your cycle, you can just rinse it off with a mild cleanser. Between cycles, you have to sterilize it by boiling it for 20 minutes. You can allocate a separate utensil for this.

Can it be worn while sleeping or during physical activities?

It is wearable and comfortable during sleep and activity. Silicone is soft and adapts to changes in a posture very easily.


It is high time women should start making conscious decisions regarding their health and environment. Use of menstrual cups is both health and environment-friendly so it gets a big yes from our side.