Home interiors are nothing if not dependent on the rugs and carpets you use to spruce up a space. It is essential but incredibly hard to find a perfect fit which goes with the whole concept of the room. This is why, when we learn about new places that retail carpets and rugs, we pay attention. Miaco carpets in one such place that came to our attention sometime ago. Miaco is the ONLY carpet manufacturer in Pakistan that can make your dream carpet come to life through customised made to order rugs.

Miaco Carpets was founded 40 years ago and is a handmade carpet manufacturing group. The group is headed by the Chairman Akhtar Nazir Khan Cooki, the CEO Asif Nazir Khan and Creative Director Ayesha Shuja Khan. Miao Carpets has had a rich history of producing numerous handmade rugs for expansive interiors and are the pioneers of extra large sized carpets in Pakistan.

They work with a wide variety of finer variations and their products range from many different kinds of wool to silk, vi-silk, cotton to wool & silk combinations. They have also worked with jute rugs in the past.  They are the promoters of natural fibers and do not encourage the use of artificial fibres as they are the basic home ground for allergens and bacteria.

Miaco Carpets have laid out some of their gorgeous pieces in places like the Dubai Palace, David Beckham’s Academy, Cambridge University, Hilton Hotel Athens, Grant Palace Hotel Slovenia, President of Slovenia’s Convention Hall & Palace, The Mayor of Xining’s Mansion and the Shanghai Expo. Moreover, Miaco has also been the winner and finalists consecutively in the International Carpet Design Awards that are held annually in Germany and in China.

The brand has recently opened their first rug design studio in Lahore. At the studio, they work with creating customised made to order rugs in size ranging anywhere from a mere 1 sq. ft. to 1000 sq. ft. The best part is that as customers you get to name the color, the size, the design and Miaco Carpets will create your dream rug.

So how does one go about it you ask? Well, it is easy. You can book an appointment with one of the brand’s rug designer who is available three times a week. The designer will take you through a variety of coherent design and color combinations. You discuss the size and then comes the quality of the finer used in the rug. This fiber is the decided factor in value and worth of the carpet. Once all is decided, the design is combined on a special design software that helps create your own piece of handmade art. Neat, huh? However, do note, that since hand knotting is an incredibly difficult task that requires skill and effort, the time to create you rug (depending on what you have ordered) will take some time. The maximum knotting in a day is about 3 cm in length irrelevant of the width of the rug.

Here are some of the fabulous pieces that Miaco Carpets have previously created. Do let us know what you think!

Written by Foha Raza
Assistant Editor.