The turmoil of losing a baby at any stage during pregnancy is like traveling through a tunnel with no light at the end. Your heart will ache forever for that precious child that you could not hold on to and give the life that you hoped for. Miscarriage is daunting on the human mind, body and soul, a loss that no one can every grasp.

But as they say, life must go and you must work towards beating the blues if you’ve been through a miscarriage to nurture your mental, emotional, and physical health so you can heal. Everybody has a different way of dealing with miscarriage. however here are some loving ways accounted by people who have been through this tough time in their lives.



Miscarriage will lead you through a roller coaster of emotions. You will feel guilt, anger, grief and what not. Know that it’s normal to feel anxiety and a plethora of other emotions. You are allowed to stay there and take your time to heal from inside. What is not ok is to allow yourself to sink into these feelings. Yes, it would be easier to grieve and hard to take your self out from these feelings but it’s all worth it. Talk to your partner, healthcare provider, and other close connections. Vent it out. Do every possible thing you can to make yourself feel better.


You could be so invested in your loss and grief that you can forget and neglect your physical well being which can make things worse in the longer run.

  1. Put your physical health by listening to it’s needs
  2. Monitor your temperature for the next five days, take medications on time
  3. Follow your doctor’s advice.
  4. Eat a well-balanced diet.
  5. Consume more of Fresh produce and avoid eating unhealthy junk food
  6. Start working out, meditate, do yoga, run if you want


You will be surprised by the grim reality that the world and things keep going even though it has stopped for you. You might find people expecting things from you. From the immediate family, relatives, friends, to your life partner. But you can go at your own pace and take your time. Saying NO and feeling guilt will not do the thing. Learn to say no and do not fear being judged and misunderstood. Nobody is in your shoes. Only you can take care of yourself in the best possible way. Best to communicate with your partner and tell him how you feel.


This heart-breaking accident will shake you from deep within and seeking therapy will be beneficial in several ways. It will enhance your physical well being too. You may come across rolling eyes and disagreeing comments but do it anyway. Talking to someone, unwinding how you feel, leaning on someone who will help you wade through an emotional turmoil can be very calming.


During hard time people often part in different directions, it’s natural. Share your grief, discuss the future, how have things changed and what should be done, make plans. Men cope with pain differently, it’s a mutual loss. So try to stay connected with your partner.


Acknowledging your pain is the biggest step towards healing. So don’t shy or hide away from your pain due to societal pressures, instead allow yourself to let the pain flow in your veins. How about you make a memorabilia of  your baby so you can let go. And don’t jump into having a second baby.

Written by Sehrish Rameez
Sehrish is a Pharmacist who writes about health, lifestyle and everything in between and around. Her contributions are a part of several noticeable digital forums. E: