Last night’s episode of Mushk was yet another interesting watch. I like how the script is taking baby steps to reveal the entire story instead of going all out. Every character that you is there for a reason which made Mushk episode 3 all the more interesting. Episode 1 introduced all the characters, episode 2, built on the story and episode 3 is further revealing the plot with twists and turns, showing multiple shades, whether it is Muqadar Khan (Ahsen Talish) or Zulekha’s (Zara Tareen) equation with her disabled husband, played by Hassan Ahmed.

I like how Imran Ashraf has penned down each character with an edge, they come off as strong in their individual spaces but they have their weak moments too. You will find all kinds of romance and love in Mushk for which I am thrilled to see.

A woman’s love for her child, a woman’s longing for her husband, a woman’s love for money, there is young romance, a man’s unconditional love, a man’s love for his ailing child, a brother-sister bond and as the promo of episode 4 suggest, we will see unrequited love also.


Love sick Adam will go to any length for Mehek and that we saw in episode 2 when he walked 1 km drenched in the rain to get her cola. His first meeting with her was quite the show for our lover boy. Therefore, Mushk episode 3 opened with Adam running a high fever in the aftermath of his little escapade. I love his relationship with his sister though. They’re banter emphasizes on their bond and shows that they have no secrets and deeply care for each other, as it should be.

mushk epiode 3 shayan and muqadar khan


Now we finally know how Shayan got trapped like a fly in his mamu’s web and I am glad that the writer of this show (Imran Ashraf) was unafraid to talk about child marriages where in this case Shayan is being tied to his 15 year old cousin-sister. Muqadar Khan’s character is the powerful antagonist who will go to any length without considering the repercussions of his actions. He knew that Shayan was already married and yet he imprisoned his own nephew, showing that relationships mean nothing to a man who’s blinded with power. So, he sets Shayan up and locks him. His desperation leads him to run away but he gets caught while he is this close to Mehek.

By the way I am more interested and curious to know more about the old man who’s locked up with Shayan. He clearly will have some role to play in the future episodes. Who could he possibly be?

mushk episode 3 zlekha


You often see drama serials with the negative character and you just know that they are written this way without knowing why. They just are who they are. However, in Zulekha’s case (played by Zara Tareen), I will applaud the writer again for giving us insight into her story because I had honestly thought that she was just mean to her ailing/disabled husband, but Mushk episode 3 gave us the reason why and what made her this bitter in life. A cheating, drunkard  and abusive husband turned a mother of two daughters into a cold-hearted woman who feels zero sympathy for her husband at this point in time. We still don’t know why Hassan Ahmed’s character is bed ridden, but we’ll find that out soon.

mushk episode 3

In the later part of the episode, Guddi is thrown out of the house with her brawl with the Tayee, that soon turned violent when she asked her armed guards to throw her out along with the baby. With nothing to say at this point, Guddi gets on the tonga with the baby and heads to the train station. And we see a weeping and helpless Mehek who can’t do anything because if she does more her secret will be revealed.

[Spoiler Alert] we will see Mehek turning to Adam for help as she asks him to save her baby, leaving Adam in shock!

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Written by Faryal Syed
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