Naveen Qazi of Cashing on Couture, shares her fashion diary TDAP Day 1. So psyched to have Naveen bring a bit of Karachi to us and the world! Big Hug.

Maheen Khan and Naveen Qazi


What binds us together universally is fashion (or was it food?) –  in any case is  it was, indeed, the sartorial creed that formed the common ground between the designers and 150+ foreign delegates present at the PC marquee hall on the first day of TDAP Fashion Show 2015.

Following a decent time frame (perhaps because the foreigners take punctuality seriously) TDAP day 1 displayed prêt collections that swelled and slithered across the body, smothered with a preppy ethnic mix.

I felt that while everyone was wonderful in their own way, for me personally there were some collections that stood out among the rest on sheer basis of their wearability and modest yet modern construction which included:

Zaheer Abbas’ beautiful mesh of ethnicity with style;  Maliha Raza and Usman Rehman’s bright, bursts of color and cuts interlinked with unequivocally chic texture and layering and  Mohsin Ali’s capsule for Sana Safinaz which perfectly epitomized grandeur with bright bursts magenta madness.

All in all, it was Ali Xeeshan’s crisp cottoned floral frocks and tapered silhouettes that certainly wooed me over! Leaving a handful of his theatrics back home, Ali showed Karachi how last night, he strictly meant business. He single-handedly redefined that being fashionable isn’t always about conjuring up the most discomforting and exaggerated piece of clothing but once in a while, we can trust his aesthetics and effortlessly fall in love with the crisp cotton floral-printed voluminous frocks, clinched with an oversized bow.

Ali Xeeshan at TDAP

Word to the wise however, it’s best if the foreign buyer and delegation are left with a catalogue or designer details to channel their purchases & orders. This venture is doing no good if all the attendee is left with is a phone full of pretty outfit pictures.

Super psyched for day 2.


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Written by Naveen Qazi
Fashion & Lifestyle writer.