People today are becoming increasingly well-informed in matters of a healthy lifestyle. Awareness is seen to grow regarding the importance of the impact that our daily routine has on our bodies. It is now time to funnel that awareness towards a cause that directly affects millions every year.

The significance of the well-being of our bones needs no elaboration – providing structure, protecting organs, and anchoring muscles are a few of the many functions that bones perform. In order to come true to these functions, however, our bones require from us a balanced healthy lifestyle and optimal nutrition. Along with some other contributing factors, lack of proper nutrition may lead to the unfortunate development of Osteoporosis.

This is a disease that causes bones to become weak, fragile and brittle if calcium is not built up at the right age, or not replenished in the right dose. This development may be followed by side-effects such as chronic back pain, curvature of the spine, difficulties in breathing and digestion, and fractured bones. It is quite regrettable that Osteoporosis is one of the most vastly under-diagnosed and under-treated diseases. This disease can easily go unnoticed and unaddressed as there are no visible symptoms until the eventual bone fracture.

The importance of bone health is all too often underestimated by patients. In order to counter the effects of Osteoporosis, our bodies require a healthy balanced diet enriched with milk proteins, calcium, and Vitamin D. Nearly half our bone mass is formed during our adolescence, and it is vital that we receive the dietary nutrients required.

Nestlé Nesvita is a low fat milk that contains these very nutrients to help you maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints. In fact, 2 glasses of Nestlé Nesvita contain 64% of your daily calcium requirement and 60% of your daily Vitamin D requirement improving bone density. Such appropriate nutrition and timely treatment may help eliminate the risks of Osteoporosis in your later years.

Nestlé Nesvita is a major ambassador for a lifestyle enriched with energy, an ideal balance of nutrients, and the empowerment of their customers to secure a healthy and happy future.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.