There is no denying that a well put together ensemble is a very important part of any woman’s life. Tastes, choices, spending may differ, but style and quality are two things that need to be considered while choosing what to wear.

Especially in winters, when layering is important and maintaining style critical, we turn to options that are high in quality and very comfortable while staying on trend—and when it comes to ethnic wear, the challenge, of achieving the look along with comfort and quality, is even greater.

This is where a reliable name like Nishat comes in. Nishat Linen has been a leading name in fabric manufacturing and very recently made a mark in the world of prêt.

nishat winter

This year’s Nishat winter collection brings an eclectic mix of prints together with the highest quality fabrics right to your wardrobe. Lush textures and beauty of flora and architecture combined with ethnic culture, primarily Middle-Eastern architecture to Victorian times, right to the heart of the Subcontinent are what make this collection stand out. Appealing to women of all ages and walks, the collection consists of pure fabrics and textured classics such as Pashmina, Khaddar, Karandi, Linen and Woolen Silk. Fresh and uplifting, you can choose from the , prêt line if you prefer to get your clothes without any fuss, and 3 piece suits, if you like to add your own touch of style to the ensemble.

Even the color palette is very well structured, its out with the dreary greys and in with Marsala, to Gothic, Baroque, Ethnic elements being highlighted, paired with chic embroidered motifs. The right combination of chic, elegance and finesse, this collection is just the right blend for the woman who knows how to carry it right, bringing together style, quality, comfort and a perfect ensemble for the cold winters.

Here are some looks from their catalogue:


Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.