Cheap ways to upgrade room

Crazy as it may sound but at the SiddySays office we often find ourselves moving chairs, desks, lamps just because, well for no reason but feel good factor and we love to experiment with everything. And as the title suggests changing the room around just a bit can really lift the spirit of the room and save the hassle and expense of wanting to redecorate every few months.

We have put together some ideas that won’t cost much if anything at all but give your house a renewed vibe that is so important now and then to keep things fresh and interesting.


Coloured Walls

Very often just changing the focal point of the room does wonders. Simply choose a color from the palette in the room and paint a singular wall. Just adding or changing the paint on one wall will make the room look new. Wallpapers are also a fun way to add some new energy to the room and there are many choices in the market.

Wall embellishments like frames, mirrors and masks also help uplift the room without much hassle except drilling!


living room rug

Identify a boring corner and according to the utility of the room add objects to make it cozy. In the living room you can add plants… in your bedroom rugs can do the trick, even in the kid’s room adding an oversized stuffed toy or a small bookshelf can b very exciting.


The Lounge by Nyla Cushions

It’s not only trendy these days to accessories with cushions, sometimes it’s much needed. If you have the same old plain cushions that match your sofa or your walls, change them for a contrasting color or prints. There are many options available in the market at various price ranges. Sometimes it’s interesting to create your own design and find a kaam wala to do the sketching and the embroidery for you.


Memory Table

Everyone has a closet full of stuff they have gathered overtime and just kept aside since they don’t have the perfect place to put it up. Take all the old photographs, paperweights, travel mementos, gifted frames out and create a memories corner in your living room or lobby.


Sofa Throw

A new fabric over an old sofa or a chair saves the upholstery cost and adds a new zing to the old couch. Whether you buy a jamawar for a decked up look for the drawing room sofa or a small casual linen throw for the living room, it’s an idea that always works.


Stylish Black White Coffee Table Books2

Adding books on the coffee table or replacing the dvds in the living room rack with some books can be a new dimension given to the room uplifting the mood without adding cost.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try new things and make sure your house reflects the person you are. That is what will make your home, your sanctuary.

Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.