Oak Furniture Lahore

We’ll admit, good furniture in Lahore is hard to come by. Apart from some very rare studios, most places are either selling incredibly tacky prefab  furniture or feature bland designs. OAK Furniture Studio in Lahore has been opened in Lahore keeping this gap in mind and offers its clientele a wide range of contemporary and fusion designs. The range also includes their signature carved, hand painted and mother of pear pieces alongside a classic collection of beds, sofas, consoles and hospitality/dining furniture.

OAK is a two-year old tale by two very talented friends Saba Sharjeel and Amina Aamir. Both have graduated in different fields but have great aesthetic when it comes to design. Their work speaks of their untold talent to the world itself.

Oak Furniture Lahore Oak Furniture Lahore Oak Furniture Lahore Oak Furniture Lahore

While the prices are not one to be bragged about they are definitely justified with the quality of product they are selling. Located at Mall 94, OAK Furniture Studio just recently opened its doors to Lahore. So, if you are in the market, looking for a star furniture piece in your home do check this place out.

All images courtesy: Savvy PR. Product images by Anoosh Zeerik. 

Written by Foha Raza
Assistant Editor.