Organic Skin Care Products

Hey, y’all! Let’s do this quick! Here’s a million-dollar question: which of you would be willing to splurge some extra bucks on skincare products that will benefit you without causing any side- effects? That’s all of us, right? Right! Hence, today we bring to you some tried and tested organic skin care brands that are cruelty-free and have the desired effect.



On top of our list is “Food for your Face by Firefly” thanks to the number of people following it who’ve all had good things to say about the brand. It’s a one-stop shop for all of your beauty needs ranging from organic charcoal masks to hair oils that actually work.

Food For Your Face By Firefly


Trust this brand to treat all of your beauty maladies in the most delicious manner possible! Ever heard of something as yummy as a chocolate face scrub? Bring, it to us, girllll! And the part is yet to come: all of Jo’s products are pocket-friendly.

JosJO’s Organic Beauty


Orglow’s cosmetic line has been making some solid good name for itself for a while now, but did you know that the brand has an absolutely smashing organic skincare line as well? Well, now you do! Orglow’s organic skincare products are very much real and equally effective thanks to the many benefits one enjoys after treating our skin and hair to them.



So, we kinda have mixed reviews about this one, cuz, a) the brand offers some gorgeously endorsed products that had us ordering way more than we need, (the results are yet to be seen) but, b) we weren’t exactly ecstatic about the quantity of the products received. Kishmish, maybe add a little more of that magic powder in our favourite scrub next time, please? Thanks.

Kishmish Organic Skin Care


Need we say more, really? The brand’s name does all the yummy taking for itself to get you off your feet and go buy some Pure Desi products that promise to do wonders for that stubborn acne, that chronic hair fall and much more! Needless to say, we couldn’t resist their products and ended upbuying quite a few. Verdict: their coconut cream and sesame hair oil is a must try.

Pure Desi