Black Friday now is White Friday, Festive Friday, Pink Friday. While the day is known for discounts and sales the world over for sometime now, the concept came to our market fairly recently, and while everyone was jumping on the bandwagon of BF, Outfitters came up with the concept of White Friday last year to change the game.

Being fashion trendsetters since inception, and recently upping their marketing game, Outfitters is on our radar and we went ab extra mile to see and bring to you what the sale this weekend at Outfitters will look like

30 % off on every thing is an attractive proposition but more attractive is what's on offer

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The boys are also in for a treat. This graphic thing shirt with a bomber is a perfect monochrome combo, pair with black or blue demin and wear tall boots to channel your inner rockstar

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Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.