The Pakistani drama industry boasts a lot of talent both male and female and luckily everybody has a lot to offer. But our Pakistani drama actresses are wowing us with their script choices, performances and over all vision for their craft. It’s truly commendable.

The first half of 2020 was such a downer for all of us, and still is, but things have been looking good on the work front for our Pakistani drama actresses. I’m not watching all of them, but I enjoy reading reviews and keep an eye on our girls.

See who made it to our top 4 in the Pakistani Drama Actresses.



Sohai has definitely proven herself as an actor in both drama serials and films in her almost a decade long career. I couldn’t stop gushing over her after watching Motorcycle Girl because she made us feel that a little determination and push can help you achieve the imposible. As for her roles in Pakistani drama serials. her performance in Surkh Chandi as Aida, an acid attack survivor was believable and relevant in today’s time. And now she’s back with Prem Gali opposite Farhan Saeed and genuinely being appreciated for it.

Prem Gali is a light-hearted rom-com drama serial with women with different social statuses from independent to single-mothers and widowed dominating the whole scenario. I like Sohai’s take on Joya, she’s sweet, cute and shy and her moments with Janu Manu show case that mushy side of her character, as well as her equation with Hamza. Everything seems natural and raw and over all fun to watch with Sohai.



Minal Khan may have a lot of work to her credit, however it’s taken a while for her to be recognised where her sister, Aiman Khan is not involved. Playing supporting roles and sporting a fashion line whilst evolving both as an actor and a fashion person, Minal Khan had made it to her list with her part in Jalan.

Minal Khan took quite the risk by opting to do Jalan where she plays the role of Misha, a  psychologically troubled, spoiled and dangerous sister/sister-in-law who is pursuing her brother-in-law romantically. In our society where illicit relationships are looked down upon, Minal has very ardently embodied her characters twist and I want to commend her on making it so believable. This shows how far she’s come as an actor.



Sonya Hussyn is not just a dusky beauty but she also picks the right kinds of roles when it comes to her craft. Whether it was Gohar in Ishq Zahe Naseeb, a girl dealing with a man with dis associative personality disorder, the cameo of the beautiful Salma in Aangan or Pakeeza in Aisi Hai Tanhai that talks about the negative role of social media, her roles have some kind of impact and now it’s Saraab.

In Saraab, Sonya plays the role of a girl who is diagnosed with Schizophrenia and we know that in spite of mental health awareness campaigns, we still call people PAGAL and refuse to understand people who suffer from mental health disabilities. So, Saraab is a love story of a schizophrenic, her troubles in getting accepted and therefore the outcome.



I didn’t think of Urwa Hocane as a very good actor until she settled the news once and for all for her role in Udaari as Meera (also because the play highlighted some very important social issues such as gender issues, sexism and child abuse). She also has Rangreza and Na Maloom Afrad to her credit. And how we’re seeing her in Mushq.

Mushq may be 4 episodes old, however Urwa has managed to make her impression with Guddi’s role. A stubbon, beligerant and selfish girl with an ulterior motive is what her character is, however I personally like how Urwa has emulated Guddi on screen. From her body language, to her dialogue delivery and expressions, Urwa’s done a fab job so far.  And I look forward to watching her in Mushq.


Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.