pakistani tv drama

Pakistani TV Drama Cheekh is a Big Bang Entertainment production which is written by Zanjabeel Shah Asim. And let me take a pause to appreciate his writing talent that comes with such wonderful stories and dialogues. It is something that immediately captures our attention. It is directed by Badar Mehmood and produced by our very own Fahad Mustafa and Dr. Ali Kazmi.

We are super excited to see Cheekh as our weekly dose of entertainment as it airs its first episode on ARY digital on 5th of January. You ask why? Because the beginning itself has introduced the characters with such great enthusiasm and each character is displaying a very unique style of acting and personality.

It starts off with veteran actress Saba Qamar as Mannat along with her sister-in-law Azekah Daniel as Haya (the bride to be) going out for shopping. But on their way, they stop by to pick their third friend Ushna Shah playing as Nayab. She is shown living with her step mother.

All three characters are very different – Mannat being the very jumpy, bubbly and fun loving girl; Haya as a more sensible girl and finally Nayab as a very down to earth and innocent girl.

And finally the moment came we have all been waiting for, the entry of Bilal Abbas as Wajih who is the young brother in law of Mannat. The drama wastes no time in showing us the immediate fun filled bond between Nayab and Wajih. While they are both opposing in nature, they click instantly. Wajih is outspoken and Nayab is a soft shy girl.  

However, we soon come to learn that everyone has an eye on Nayab because of how beautiful she is. We also find out that her life is simple and that it is ruled by others. This is why Wajih thinks that she lacks self-confidence. 

As we are enjoying the episode, suddenly we see Nayab falling off from the top! And we are simply stunned and filled with mystery!

A very wonderful start of a very wonderful drama, in all honesty, because the first episode itself was packed with fun, joy, suspicion and mystery. Keep watching the Pakistani TV Drama Cheekh because this drama has a very different vibe unlike most other dramas full of the same family fight shenanigans. 

Written by Foha Raza
Assistant Editor.