‘Tough on germs, soft on hands’… is the message our glamorous new Palmolive Girl, Syra Yousuf delivers with a bright, confident smile in the new Palmolive Naturals Liquid Hand Wash range TVC. The new Palmolive Liquid Hand Wash, she endorses, is derived from 100% natural, skin loving ingredients that help you stay germ-free without drying out the skin on your hands.Now, isn’t that something we all have been waiting for?


When the Corona Virus started to spread across the world, we were all told to wash our hands multiple times a day. Experts have often said that is the way to survive this scary time. But for many, repeatedly washing our hands invariably led to skin dryness and, in some cases, more severe issues. Our bodies react differently to such sudden changes and harsh chemicals. So the question is:do I save myself from this deadly virus or do I care for my skin?


Well, say goodbye to all those apprehensions and worries – the new Palmolive Naturals Liquid Hand Wash range is tough on germs, and soft on your hands. The range offers three variants; Antibacterial, Milk & Honey, and Aloe & Chamomile, which are available in 225 ml and 450 ml pump bottles. What’s more, they even come in convenient refill pouches so we can reuse the original bottles. Fragrant and nourishing, these liquid hand washes give your hands the soft, gentle care they need. Look out for these in the aisle on your next grocery trip – these beautiful bottles are sure to stand out on the shelf.

As our latest Palmolive Girl Syra Yousuf illustrates in the new advert, with the Palmolive Liquid Hand Wash range, dry hands will be a thing of the past. Even if your skin has been somewhat distressed, using these liquid hand washes will making washing hands a pleasure.

We are slowly returning to some form of normalcy. Hence, people are going back to the offices, and public places are opening up. Even gyms are being permitted to operate again. Yet the danger of Corona Virus remains, so we must remain careful and keep our hands clean.

A couple of drops of the Palmolive Liquid Hand Wash do the trick of keeping your hands germ-free and protecting your skin. These liquid hand washes have a magnificent fragrance – so it’s a complete win-win. Who says you can’t be germ-free and still have smooth and beautiful hands?