Living in the COVID-19 age has accustomed us to many unfamiliar things and has undoubtedly become a time to improvise nonetheless. Schools, colleges, and universities going online are one of the many novel things we are dealing with in Pakistan, but is it working? This particularly is a big change for both the parents and the students because neither are accustomed to it.

While these classes have provided some relief to the parents worrying about their child’s academics, there are many others who are not satisfied with it.

So, we’re sharing a parents perspective on what they feel have and have not worked in their kids favour since we went “online”.

  • First of all, not every household has dedicated wi-fi and device to let kids occupy it for hours.
    (Amna, son aged 7)
  • Many schools are conducting live classes where a student needs to be in front of the screen for good 4-5 hours. On one hand, this is a lot of screen time with a whole lot of negative effects, on the other hand, it means no one can access that phone/computer during this time. Which is trouble in its own right.
    (Sundus, daughter aged 9)
  • In the case of kids from playgroups and nursery, a parent has to accompany a child during the class even because they lack the ability to navigate the internet yet.
    (Sehrish, daughter aged 3)
  • Some schools are giving out worksheets that have to be edited and submitted online. Kids need help in that too which if a parent is unable to, the work remains pending. These classes are also adding to the failure to stick to a timetable.
    (Maham, son aged 11)
  • The biggest perk of online teaching remains to be the availability of materials and lectures at all times. Students can access these from anywhere anytime. Especially for kids, it helps in the reinforcement of concepts by repeating with lectures.
    (Komal, daughter aged 13)
  • Also, the evaluation of students remains to be a question? Parents are wondering how exams would be conducted? Whether all students be promoted with average marks or not?
    (Momina, son aged 7)

Being in a country that is not the technologically sound, perhaps our kids would have been comfortable and active towards the idea of a virtual class room if they had been introduced to it.

So, how are your kids also attending online classes? Please share your experience and coping strategy with others by commenting below.

Our Guest Contributor is a mother of 3 children and has also shared her first hand experience.