Any one who knows us, knows our love for MUSE. Storm our wardrobes and this is the one name you will find again and again. So, it really is no surprise that we are looking forward to their first ever Bridal showcase at PLBW16. We spoke to Moeed and Faryal about the show and their bridal collection. Here is what they shared.

  1. We understand that this is your first bridal showcase and you took your time coming into bridal wear. This is a new approach given that most known designers either start or prefer transitioning to bridals much sooner. What inspired this journey?

We’ve been making bridals for a long time, however, given our intricate work and use of luxury fabrics, our bridal prices were very high, and something we only sold to a very select clientele.  In addition, our Luxury RTW side of the business demanded a lot of attention as it was growing very quickly, with a new store in Karachi as well as new shoes and accessory lines being developed. Finally with everything settled, we decided to it was time to showcase the MUSE aesthetic for bridal wear to a much large audience.

  1. From conception to execution; how has your experience – Is it very different than Luxury Pret a Porter?

The experience has been quite exhilarating, because bridal ensembles need to be intricately embellished and breathtakingly beautiful, and as motifs are developed, sampled, and finally executed, a lot of passion goes into every item. A bridal collection is slightly different than Luxury RTW since motif conception and development takes much longer. Given the nowness and speed of Luxury RTW, Luxury RTW is much more spontaneous as a product.

  1. Tell us a little bit about the collection itself. What was your inspiration and how does that inspiration tie in with the MUSE woman?

The inspiration was the color red, opulent jewels, and the fantasy of dressing a modern princess as an eastern bride. The MUSE woman is sophisticated, subtle and feminine. This bridal collection has exactly the same components.

  1. Everyone has their eyes on MUSE’s debut bridal showcase. What can we expect to see?

You can expect to see a focused collection with very deliberate colors, and silhouettes such as ghararas and churidaars, that the MUSE woman feels beautiful in. The classic MUSE attention to detail and embellishment style will be more obvious than ever before. After all these are pieces that the bride will cherish both for their significance and their beauty.

  1. Lastly, and perhaps the most important question; when and where can we order a MUSE bridal?

MUSE bridals will be available for immediate ordering at both our Lahore and Karachi stores, as well as online for our international clients.

Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.