Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and more so entitled to reserve their opinions as and when deemed fit. Having said that for the past week, since PLBW 2015 started we have been thinking on how to present our views on the three days and many showcases we saw for the upcoming Bridal trends. We always appreciate any form of creative expression and effort whether its music, acting, designing or even food and fashion being our weakness (and surely our strength) we attended the PLBW2015 looking forward to being wow-ed. At the end of the three days we felt that this time rather than taking you through a list of who made what (there are libraries of photographs for that sort of thing) we will talk about what we felt were the highs and lows of this year’s PLBW according to TeamSiddySays.


Highs Lows
Loreal Excellence Crème Legends: Beautiful Designs by Elan, Gorgeous Women, Superb Styling No working WIFI: We were almost shocked at the lack of tech support this time
Ali Xeeshan’s Innovative Toofan: Ahead of its time in use of material and embellishments. Being supremely dramatic AX came back strong to the Fashion week Third Row Seating: For any one broadcasting the event the view is NOT good from the third row no matter what anyone says…you cannot catch and relay the action as it deserves.  NO THIRD ROW EVER!
Elan’s Bridal Showcase:  Royal and magnificent. Enough Said! Seat Snatching: All three days we saw multiple episodes of “this was my seat” especially in the FRow, I think it’s time to really grow up.
Matam by Fahd Hussayn: Fahd put up a show that was not over the top and very tasteful, the start of the show with a performance by Nooray was epitome of romance. Ending of the show was no less with a song especially created and performed by Ali Sethi Uncouth Audience: Please get you feet off the ramp, this is not your lounging area (and this from peeps in the FRow!!)
Mahgul: The 3D rendering on the clothes was very creative and the clutches created by Mahgul left us lusting for them Too much of the same: Some collections lacked innovation and relied on the same colors and silhouettes that have been done to death
Sara Haider: Her voice is just magic as she filled up our senses when she sang for Mahgul Very few new trends: Apart from one or two designers hardly anyone introduced new bridal trends, which was a bit of a letdown.
Design Power of HKR: House of Kamiar Rokni collection was not just a high for fashion lovers it was an insight to the designer’s versatility and creative power.
Humayun (Sigh) Saeed: We have declared our love for the guy already and when he closed the show for Nomi Ansari, it definitely made it to our list of Highs
HSY and Zohra Rehman: The larger than life creations and the jewellery created especially for the collection through the collaboration of these two power houses was quite impressive.


Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.