Nomi Ansari PLBW

You might remember our trip to the bridal trunk show by Nomi Ansari a couple of weeks ago. As we mentioned then also, Nomi Ansari is a designer that stands out for his extravagant and exceptionally bold color schemes. Nomi is a regular feature of the fashion weeks in Pakistan and we’re excited to see him as usual.

This time at the PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2014, Nomi Ansari will be showcasing his bridal collection ‘Gul’ highlighting his signature color palettes with a touch of modern and vintage! Let us see what Nomi has to say about the showcase:

What is your design philosophy?

Color, in all its coordinating and contrasting glory, is what the Nomi Ansari label is about. I believe in blending numerous colors and textures into a cohesive palette, using the perfection of a well-constructed silhouette as my canvas.

What is the key bridal trend this season?

Full fitted sleeves

What is your inspiration for the bridal presentation this year?

Flower. All minds and any, and a winter fresh pastel palette.

How is this collection different from your collections before?

This collection is different from my other collection in terms of the modern meets vintage touch, including the lighter hues and a few of the silhouettes are also something that we have rediscovered therefore making it a vintage-contemporary collection.

What are you personally most excited about?

How our collection looks on the ramp and the impact it has put together with jewelry on the ramp

What should we expect to see in the show?

You should expect a delicious combination of colors like we have never done before encompassed in vintage form.

What are you doing immediately after the Bridal Week?

What am I doing immediately after bridal week? Taking a vacation!

Written by Foha Raza
Assistant Editor.