Seeing the local market with its abundance of high achievers struggling to leave their mark, regardless of the persistent effort put in, Zahra Saifullah came upon the idea of heading a lifestyle magazine that would highlight such cases. Its because of this woman that Pakistan has its own Hello!, when she bought the franchise three years ago. Using this platform, she shed light on not only personalities from the fashion industry but specific individuals, philanthropists, sportspeople, entrepreneurs she felt deserved the focus she could provide to showcase Pakistani talent.
As a full-time working mother, “there is always that element of guilt” when split between the two things she is responsible for and that mean so much to her. However, according to Saifullah, a good support system is the key to her success while balacing work and family.
Her journey has been an interesting one that was not always easy but the Trailblazer has it no other way! Beautiful, well-dressed, and ambitious she is set on her path and is one to be inspired b y.