Tehmina Khaled

SS: How did you end up in PR?

TK: I was primarily a journalist by profession, before getting into the PR. I was the Editor of a very popular English weekly, owned by the largest Publication group in Pakistan. It is a norm around the world that it is an easy transition for a journalist to become a PR consultant. Therefore, I decided to quit my job as an Editor and chose to become a PR consultant because I knew I had what it takes to be a successful PR person.

SS: Describe yourself in three words.

TK: Determined, confident, and hardworking.

SS: How has social media affected PR? 

TK: Social Media has completely taken over the current PR. The random growth of technology has increased the PR avenues; thus the digital communication has become an important tool for PR as well. Social Media is the future of PR and marketing. It offers more platforms, avenues, and influencers for better results and it also connects local brands with the international market efficiently.

SS: What are the challenges you face as being a successful woman in PR and how do you push yourself through tough times? 

TK:  Lack of awareness on the part of clients, over expectations, insane deadlines, budget restraints are some of the challenges that we face every day. How do I cope with them? I prioritize amongst the clients and projects. I am gradually learning to say no (which actually never comes easily to me), I have also started putting my foot down on budgets and have finally set a benchmark.

Tehmina Khaled - A PR Consultant

SS: Do you consider yourself successful? 

TK:  Yes! I do consider myself successful. I have achieved a lot in a very short span of time. I think people like me, they give me respect, they value my words, they seek my advice, also, a long list of loyal clients is a sign of a success for me and my business.

SS: How do you achieve work/life balance?

TK: Through effective time management and with the help of my very supporting life partner.

SS: What’s your super power and why?

TK: My communication skills are my superpower. People say that I am a very effective speaker, with the power to convince people. They also say that I can sell dust at the rate of gold.

SS: What are your favorite social media platforms and why?

TK: All Social Media platforms are equally favorite, but depending on the product and client. My personal favorite is Twitter because it connects you to all kind of people around the world and Instagram which is colorful, vibrant and full of creativity from around the world.

SS: Any suggestions for women who want to get into PR?

TK: Only get into PR if you are people’s person. If you like socializing, if you like communicating and if you have patience only then step your foot into the field of PR. But if you are shy, reserve or introvert this is not the right field for you, and you might want to consider something that you are good at.

Tehmina Khaled - Power Women in PR

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.