Last weekend we decided on raiding the Nishat store and it sure is a hidden treasure trove!  With four levels catering to all types of visitors, we at Team SiddySays enjoyed our time there exploring the mini department store within the Nishat Hotel premises and here are some of the things that were available there.

We started on the top floor, working our way down, taking each floor turn by turn. The top floor had an array of stitched shirts (digital, embroidered etc) for all types of occasions. Our particular favourites were a chic piece with a quirky bicycle print and an open cape working it well with black & yellow undertones. Tucked away in the corner were some off season pieces which included some gorgeous scarves you MUST get your hands on!

One floor down, you are on the floor where all the hussle and bussle is going on. Of course, you may have guessed by now, it’s where all the loose, unstitched cloth is stored – formals for Eid and the everyday lawn stock every woman in this country gravitates towards. There are both 2/3 piece suits available. It’s up to you what you opt for. (We had some fun there playing around, unrolling the fabrics)

A definite essential for the household, the bed linen was simple and practical as usual. No surprises there!

The accessories section was where we took our sweet time, experimenting with the quirky glasses available and a selection of sleek clutches which serve to complete any outfit at hand. An interesting limited stock of shoes accompanied with jewellery is located on the same floor. Browse thoroughly before picking something up. You don’t know what you might find.

The entrance which is also the ground floor, is where the Swarovski section is set up. There is a beautiful range of jewels for every type of jewellery fanatics – from the simple accessory lovers to those who love the bling and the chunky pieces. There is a piece for everyone.

Here is all we saw!