Khaadi is a household name synonymous with quality and fashionable apparel. Since its inception, in 1998, the brand has expanded exponentially all over the globe catering to the apparel needs of women, men and even kids. Additionally, they have a wide range of products for home. This makes Khaadi next to unbeatable in the fashion and lifestyle industry. This iconic fast fashion brand has the ultimate kidswear line. With summer approaching in full swing, we took our mini team SiddySays, Bia, Rani and Zakriya shopping for the upcoming season at Khaadi Kids.

Our day began with getting together on a Sunday and heading towards the Khaadi kids store. As always, we were pleasantly surprised by some of the incredible items they had in store. Ranging from fun prints, fashionable styles and comfort fabrics, Khaadi kids has it all. Little Bia, Rania and Zakriya tried on all types of clothes and got super excited about some of the outfits we picked out for them. It was fairly easy for us to pick out the clothes as the versatility of the ensembles makes it smooth to mix and match.

The main idea of the Khaadi kids line is to facilitate the mothers to the best of the brand’s ability. Which is something we love considering we have working mothers as part of SiddySays. The brand aims to make shopping a quick and easy experience for parents without the hassle of wandering store to store. This brand is your one-stop shop for all items you might need for your kids.

During our shopping expedition, we found out that Khaadi kids has indeed made this experience simple and easy. We were able to pick out two lowers and four tops and voila! We had a fantastic look ready for all three of our kids in no time. All looks can be created depending upon the occasion and it makes for a great way to utilize the kids wardrobe constantly without being repetitive.

For girls, Khaadi kids has a wide range of dresses, tunics, blouses, tees, tights, a variety of stylish lowers, socks and undergarments. They also have an eclectic collection of accessories such as clips, headbands and others. Meanwhile, for the boys Khaadi kids maintains a similar variety. They have polo shirts, tees, button downs, chinos, jeans, shorts, socks, undergarments and accessories.

Their range is perfect for you to style your kids in clothes for school, play dates and even a fancy day out. And, if you, like us, are looking for eastern wear ensembles, Khaadi kids has got you covered in this department as well. They have a diverse collection of eastern garments for boys and girls in signature colours and designs that cater to all the style and comfort needs of children. If you are looking for something for Ramadan and/or Eid, this is the best place to shop.

Bia, Rania and Zakriya played dress up like little pros and our entire experience of shopping at the Khaadi Kids store was a memorable one. We took a plethora of pictures and went crazy shopping for all the items we loved! And trust us, it was hard to not pick all of them! Take a look at the fun time we had!

Written by Foha Raza
Assistant Editor.