“Yeh zameen jab na thi, aasmaan jab na tha,” or, “yeh sab tumhara karam hai, Aaqa…” — no guys, #TeamSiddySays isn’t playing Antakshri today.
It’s the Ramzan vibe, actually, that has seeped in our souls and we can’t help but play, on repeat, our favourite mood-lifting melodies and soul-soothing symphonies that have set our Imaan blazing! 🔥
Sharing with you a list of our favourites below!

• Gorakh Dhanda – Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Written by Naaz Khailvi, sung by the inimitable King of Qawwali: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and loved by all generations, Gorakh Dhanda is a spiritually charged piece of poetry, which when compounded with NFAK’s powerful vocals, never fails to give us a rash of goosebumps. We, at the #SiddySaysHQ have been playing it on repeat.

• Tajdar e Haram – Atif Aslam

It is a melodic gem in the eyes of those who appreciate aarifaana kalaam. While listening to it, we felt ourselves being transported to another realm where there is immense love and reverence for the Prophet (PBUH) within the hearts. We couldn’t help but be happily put under a spell by the sheer appeal of this ten-minute long melody.

• Maula e Kull – Abida Perveen

Did you think our list would be complete without the soulful powerhouse that is Abida Perveen? #SiddySays supposes not! Written by Sabir Zafar, this piece is heartfelt and instantly captivating, but even more powerful than its heart-piercing lyrics is the vocal prowess of the great Abida ji. Hardly ever have we been more moved by a Sufiana kalaam!

• Aaqa – Abida Perveen & Ali Sethi

This devotional piece was initially a world-famous naat that has been changed into a Hamd — appreciation of God — by everybody’s favourite: the enthralling Abida Perveen and the ever so soulful Ali Sethi. Aaqa is the duo’s first duet together and even after a whole year, we can’t stop raving about it. All credit goes to the pair’s unmatched talent, of course, that makes this track so poignant, beautiful and inspiring.

•Allah Hoo – Nescafé Basement

You know what makes #SiddySays the most happy? Seeing young talent get discovered and gain some richly deserved fame and appreciation! Can’t help but include this brilliant track by these newbies-in-the-biz: Hamza Tanveer, Rizwan Butt and Sibtain Khalid — as they weave the collective magic of their soulful voices and powerful performances in this mammoth track. We especially love the inclusion of Teray Ishq Nachaya, a devotional piece by Bulleh Shah in the track.

Written by Nida Haqqi