In a very short span of time, Sapphire has taken the pret industry of Pakistan by storm and is possibly one of the very few brands in Pakistan that takes high-street seriously. We recently attended the store opening of the brand and got an up close & personal look at the latest Sapphire Cambric collection. The collection was photographed at the enthralling historical city of Jaipur in Rajasthan, with the picturesque and royal architecture of Amer Fort, evident in the backdrop!

The shoot was beautiful, but we’ll tell you right now; the collection itself is to die for. If you are not convinced yet; here are three reason to love the Sapphire cambric collection!

Sapphire Cambric Collection (8)


Considering our line of work, we have bought (and also received) innumerable outfits. Most of which intend to rely solely on their design. But that is not the latest collection by Sapphire. Their entire ideology revolves around wearability and comfort and, boy, did they deliver! The Cambric collection is possibly, one of the most comfiest ranges that the brand has. With limited embellishments to keep it easy enough to wear but with just enough print to lend it that oomph; this makes it our top choice this season.


The Cambric collection does not fail to deliver when it comes to design either. Boasting sixteen designs in two colour-ways, the collection is fun and features quirky colours, patterns and motifs. To be honest, it is incredibly hard to isolate one outfit as our favourite. For more variety, Sapphire has stocked this collections in two piece, three piece and four piece suits!

Price Range:

What is a good collection, if it isn’t affordable? This is where the Sapphire Cambric collection showcases their true strength. Priced between PKR 1700 to PKR 5900, the collection is a steal!

Written by Foha Raza
Assistant Editor.