The new LUX TVC recently went on air and its glamorous look & feel along with the powerful message that it communicated, caught our attention. Revealing Saba Qamar as the new LUX girl, the ad opens with her requesting women out there never to shy away from their true beauty because ‘Khoobsurti Se Kya Sharmana.’

Not only do we love the way this ad has been shot by perfectionist Director, Asim Raza, we think Saba Qamar is ideal as the LUX girl. Her poised, spirited and inspirational personality makes her someone who the modern day women can resonate with, since she always takes up roles that break conventions. She delivers the LUX message of being comfortable with your own self, in a beautiful manner encouraging women not to worry about the choices they make.

The ad is in sync with LUX’s brand philosophy, which emphasizes on the idea that a LUX girl truly defines beauty but her beauty is not all that she’s got; she’s unapologetically feminine. So, whether you wear high heels, a dark lipstick or long earrings, you should never shy away from your true beauty or worry about the choices you make. We love how this entire message ties in so well with Saba Qamar’s personality. The message embedded within the LUX TVC is just what a modern day woman needs to hear, to keep her going!

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Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.