It’s the festive season again, and as usual we are busy seeing beautiful Eid collections by some very talented people. Which makes it a very busy time for us, and sometimes we forget to put together our won Eid clothes. Not this time, since I took it on my petite shoulders to go shopping for myself and my bestie Sadaf (aka Siddy) at our favorite store, Sapphire.

When I say I went shopping for Sadaf, let me assure you it is no easy task. Having known her all my life I know how particular she is when it comes to clothes, which is why Sapphire was my place of choice since they are spot on trends, extremely good with fabric quality and a delight to wear to any occasion.

With this herculean task at hand I stepped into a crowded (read maddening) store filled with Eid shoppers and a variety of clothes that can make your head spin. I went straight upstairs to the Silk collection racks to witness ‘Silk Route’, Sapphires ready to wear Eid collection that looked extremely promising in the ads I had seen.

‘So much to choose from’, I thought and would set my heart on every piece I looked at. The variety of colors and designs from retro, quirky to subtler pastel florals had me confused for a while as to the choices I had to make.

I eyed some embroidered cotton kurtas too as it still is quite hot in the day and the airy fabric and beautiful embroideries made the decision even more difficult.

With my picks from the collection (no less than 6 or 7 pieces) I headed to the try room (insane long lines)

The silk jacket looked perfect for Sadaf, as it can be worn with many different looks. Perfect over capris, cigarette pants or even a flared one the silk jacket can also look amazing over jeans for a more western look. I had to look no further.

For myself, as a lover for everything floral the silk tunic looked perfect and the light green shade made it possible to carry it both during the day for a family lunch or a dinner date with the hubby!

As predicted Sapphire didn’t disappoint and I ended up shopping for the entire team without giving an arm and a leg at the cash counter.

If you still haven’t figured out your wardrobe for Eid, or the fall season, head now to Sapphire (even the Cambric collection is refreshingly beautiful), my bet is you will be as happy a shopper as me!


Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.