Sapphire Lahore

Traffic was jam-packed and the wardens could be heard screaming at drivers trying to one-up the poor folk on the streets. The smart ones walked [proud to say we were in this category]. The rest got stuck. We saw blow-dried heads of women who spent hours applying makeup walk in white mystical tents. The stage had been set. Sapphire Lahore was now officially open.

That sounds like quiet the affair. What exactly was happening?

Well the never ending myriad of cars and traffic was all thanks to the Sapphire store which has now successfully opened in Lahore. Numerous celebrities, designers, media personnel, socialites were present at the opening. There was a fashion presentation at the event. Sapphire first opened its doors three months ago in Karachi at the much-loved Dolmen Mall Clifton and since then has become quite a phenomenon with the ladies.

Ahaan….so, who’s the who of this brand?

Well to begin with Khadijah Shah is the Creative Director of this brand. This is not an Elan subsidiary. Sapphire Textiles is a textile conglomerate who has developed their brand using Khadijah Shah’s expertise in creating designer outfits perfect for everyday wear. Simply put Khadija Shah is now at the helm of two successful brands… Elan & Sapphire both of which run under her supervision and guidance but are two completely separate projects.

Ooh! I get it. So what is so special about this particular brand?

There are many things that standout when it comes to Sapphire. For one thing, it is giving very big established brands a run for their money. And secondly, it works with Khadijah Shah known for her impeccable sense of style. The prints are beautiful and a great buy especially owing to the very affordable price points.

I just love hearing ‘affordable’ in the same sentence as ‘designer’. Can you tell me the price ranges exactly?

Of course! An average kurta from Sapphire will cost you approximately PKR 2600 only and then move upwards. Unstitched outfits (three piece, mind you!) also begin from the same range.

What can one buy from there? What is available?

There is a list of things you can purchase at the Sapphire store including one piece to three piece stitched and unstitched clothes. They have a selection of pants to pair with and loose fabric to buy and stitch however you like. They stock jewelry items. So, there is practically everything that anyone could need in eastern wear available at the store.

What would SiddySays buy from there? What is your recommendation?

Honestly, we would like to get as much as we can from the store. But if we just HAD to be picky our recommendation would be to get a kurta if you are a working woman and since tailoring is such a hassle get the unstitched only if your local darzi is a doll and will stitch it in time.

Yay. Sapphire sounds like a life saver. Where is the store? Is it available online?

Sapphire is available in Lahore next to YUM and in Dolmen Mall, Clifton Karachi. Unfortunately, there is no online retail as of yet. But we are hoping that it starts really soon. We will keep you posted!

Written by Foha Raza
Assistant Editor.