Summer season in Pakistan has taken a new name since past  few years and is deemed”Lawn season”! That is right! It is not only the locals but Pakistani diaspora in all parts of the world looks forward to it as well specially after many textile brands (Sapphire Lawn 2016) have introduced online shopping.

With a heavy influx of brands joining the rat race , it gets difficult to chose a timeless favorite. for us good lawn print is one that stand out and embodies current trends (florals and stripes are big this year).

We saw new collection of Sapphire Lawn 2016 that launched earlier today, here are some of the prints that caught our eye

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sapphire lawn 2016

1) Okay, we admit, the color combination has been used a lot when it comes to lawn, but then again, the tones of yellow and green have been blent very aesthetically in this piece. The geometrical print gives it a bonus point as it stands apart. Go for it, if you want to look “tres chic” this summer !

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