Shapago, online shopping

While the pandemic has changed our perspective, online shopping has also taken a a major flip with SHAPAGO and will show you what badalte zamane ki shopping actually looks like!

But the bigger question is, what is SHAPAGO?

Imagine an e-store that offers it’s shoppers a hassle-free online shopping experience by partnering with the the top fashion and beauty brands bringing apparel (clothes, jewelry, footwear) for men, women and children as well Home and Cosmetics. So, you don’t have to jump from one page to an other and simply log on to Shapago and shop till you drop.

And if you’re wondering how Shapago is different from other online shopping platforms, don’t just stop there.

Here’s why Shapago stands unique when it comes to online shopping, so ao karain badalte zamane ki shopping.

shapago: one stop shopping


When it comes to shopping, I personally like to try out an outfit before making a purchase, therefore I find online clothes shopping a tad tricky because I don’t know if it’d look good on me or fit me. But Shapago has made this part of shopping easier by setting up a virtual fitting room. I know, right? Set up your details like your body weight, height and your outfit size and Shapago will demo you the look for you. Super convenient!


I often get stuck with trying to achieve a certain look in my head every time I want to step out of the house. At Shapago you can not only get some major fashion advice by booking an online consultancy with one of their fashion stylists, but they will also help you customise a look, making SHOPPING all the more fun and accessible.


Shapago is not just limited to men and women’s fashion, you can shop for kids, home items like bed linens and check out a whole section of cosmetics and sort all your beauty needs with a few clicks.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.