Natasha Kamal is not just a fashion designer, she designs dreams, but her dream came true when she showcased at the Paris Fashion Week two years ago. From there onward there has been no turning back for her because it allowed Natasha to build her network and display couture through the handiwork of Pakistani craftsman and their eye for detail at the fashion hub of the world.

SiddySays collaborated with Natasha on our first ever digital editorial fashion shoot and flaunted our favorite pieces from her runway project called Ebru, which is a mix of patterns, fabric and new techniques.

I’m Natasha Kamal and I’m working with SiddySays on their first digital editorial and I’m super excited because in this field you’re always looking for some new innovation, something new creatively, and Sadaf and Amna always bring something new on the table and I’m really excited to work on it with them.

SS: How did you feel when the idea first came to you?

NK: The first time Sadaf and Amna shared the idea with me I was very excited because normally people don’t bring up the concept of an editorial anymore, it’s all about doing your own shoot and representing the magazine. But actually being able to collaborate and participating in the shoot, as well as selecting and prepping for it was really exciting.

SS: What would you say about this collection?

NK: So this particular collection I went with marbling so you’re always trying to find some new techniques that take inspiration from traditional ways of using things which you actually have to implement in a new manner. So this time we decided to go with detailing and we use them a lot and a lot of new embroideries that basically embody the texture of marbling itself.

SS: What is Natasha Kamal brand?

NK: The Natasha Kamal brand focuses on being subtle, minimalistic yet bold so the Natasha Kamal woman is feminine but she wants to make a statement and I am genuinely drawn to do things that turn to linear patterns, bold geometric linears and you can see that in my work, you can see that in my signature pieces and you can see that in this particular editorial as well.

SS: Are you excited about this shoot?

NK: I am super excited, I’m very very excited.

So folks, here it is…our first ever digital editorial that you can enjoy here on the blog, our Instagram, YouTube channel. Hope you like it.






Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast