Over the years, the term “fashion” has revolutionized and has become more target oriented because it’s the perfect way for any generation to express themselves and who they want to be. So, after a dry winter spell, summer time has unfolded with a burst of leaves and an explosion of colours with a pop of sunshine reminding us to come out of hibernation and whip our wardrobes. Gul Ahmed’s newest collection, YOLO (You Only Live Once) captures the quintessence of summer and presents 29 youthful and hip designs in vibrant shades that will appease your knack for trendy clothing.

The YOLO prints are bright and funky with a spark of young vibes that are best suited for teens with their prices being super budget-friendly is the cherry on top. So, you won’t have to cry a river to grab your favourite YOLO pieces to flaunt. And say bye-bye to spending extra on add-on’s that will usually cost you an arm and leg because the prints in this wide collection are a palatable mix of digital, retro designs, floral patterns and geometrical shapes. Each print is blended with a rainbow of colours that will perfectly compliment your sense of style and fashion, and the innocence of the youth without being heavily guarded with embellishments. The colour palette used for the YOLO collection varies from light to flowery pastels to bright yellow’s or red’s, and drives away many shadows. And to cater the harsh summers ahead, the finest lawn has been used to keep the body temperature cool enough to beat the summer heat.

The YOLO Collection by Gul Ahmed is keynote of fashion and a great work of art that meets the current trends to highlight the exuberance of our teens without them having to look overdressed or not their age. Because with the right accessories and apparels, each print will redefine the look, the different colours will represent the changing season and every style will take the pieces one notch up the trend.

So, go visit our e-store or drop by at one of Gul Ahmed’s store near you and check out their YOLO Collection to up your style game.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.