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We often get the reaction, "But you are women, how can you style men?", but boy we love our job. We feel women are best suited to style men, as they really know what women want. For us there is nothing better than a well dressed, well poised man. And we got to style not 1 or 2 but 3 absolutely gorgeous stars at the AFA16 Red Carpet. The three styles were distinct, they all held their own very well and the best compliment we got for the night from Varoin Marwah (Indian Menswear Designer) was how we took three looks that were completely different from one another and the boys made them their own.

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Feroze khan SiddySays StyleThe newest heartthrob and the very talented Feroze Khan was sporty chic at AFA 2016. We created his look from scratch too as we wanted him to look young, vivacious and trend setting. Since he is real eye candy, we wanted him to give women a real reason to swoon.

The checkered Grey jacket with a plain grey vest, white shirt, a plain silk tie and a dotted pocket square looked great, but what made the look ever so unique were the ‘pants meet sporty’ cropped brownish trousers that had sports stripes on the sides. The Zara sneaks were perfect with this suit made by the unmatchable Nomi Ansari. Thanks for adding the badge Nomi, nailed it!

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Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.