The news is already out, Mehreen Raheal recently wored on her come back portfolio that was shot by Rizwan Baig. The hair and make up were by Adnan Ansari and Mehreen’s looks were styled by SiddySays Styles (that would be us). Special mention to Arfah Khwaja for some amazing outfits!

For the shoot we wanted to show a range of looks. From the rock chic grundge, to a biker, a softer yuppie and a glam mum! Lets have a look at the different looks Mehreen effortlessly carried in the shoot!

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ab4184c9-7b90-45d2-ba6b-0906bffd8eecThe long beautiful hair was left open with a soft blow dry and natural make up, this soft yuppie look with a leather jacket just on the shoulder and a lettered T show that she’s opinionated and very desirable!!


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Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.