Perhaps the youngest, most popular and only size 0 actress we have in the industry, Sajal Aly is sweet, charming and really petite. When she asked me to dress her for LSA2016, the only designer I could think of who could do justice to the look was Khadija Shah, which is why I turned to Elan to plan and customize a look with me for Sajal.

We wanted her to exude elegance and not be a part of a competition on the red carpet, rather hold her own with grace. And we did come up with something that made her shine in a subtle and glamorous way.

The midnight blue gown ensured that Sajal retained a glamorous look without it going into the boring black category. The matte grey, silver and hot pink embellishment gave it the right notes without looking too jarring or wedding-esque. We decided on Prerto earrings, the only piece of jewelry jut to keep the look subtle. The bit of ethnicity of the earrings gave subtle eclectic undertones to her look, as we finished it off with a hair up do and light make up.

As a stylist I want to break some norms, add a bit of my own fusion which is reflective in my style as well, while staying true to the person I style. Since she is young and can do experimental stuff I gave Sajal a pink Nina Neri clutch to add the pop of color, and paired the pink with pink, blue and silver Sophia Webster Layla Pom Pom heels. The look remained elegant and graceful without being predictable and boring.

Hair and Make Up was done by my fellow stylist and a very talented girl Samiya Ansari of Sabs, it was just the right amount for a young girl and for the occasion. sajal aly LSA 2016


Written by Amna Niazi
Managing Editor, SiddySays.