It is the simple joys of life that matter the most but unfortunately, we often fail to realize their role in making us happy. After tirelessly working for the entire day all of us need some rest as well as something that would bring us a little happiness.

The recent Sooper campaign Seedhi Saadi Khushi ka maza (the simple joys of life) is yet another addition to their series of touching and uplifting ads. Their heartwarming TVCs make you realize that amid our busy routines, even the simplest things can make one feel happy and content. Sooper’s campaign is a reminder to savor the happiness of these simple things, before they are lost forever.

Each TVC is done brilliantly and manages to strike a chord with its audience on a much deeper level. Simple joys such as sleeping in your mom’s lap, spending quality time with your father, reading your favorite book under the starry night sky, make life all the more memorable for us.

With a beautiful blend of music and poetry, the over-all message that has been communicated is to find joy in the moment, finding happiness around you and making it ‘Sooper’ all with the presence of PeekFreans Sooper.

Written by Faryal Syed
Asst Editor. Blogger. Enthusiast.