spring wardrobe
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Trust top stylists of the world to give you inside scoop on how to spice up your Spring wardrobe like a true fashionista! This year, we are expecting ‘bright, bold and beautiful’ to be the underlying essence of every outfit. As easy as it sounds to simply go after what brands like Ferragamo and Chanel are proffering for the season, we believe an outfit is truly fashionable only when it has an overall statement.

That being said, this season isn’t about wading into spring with pastels; it’s about color that pops. Bright yellows, deep purples, or pretty petunia hues are what we are aiming for. Take a look below at some classic wardrobe pieces to ensure a sassy foundation for your well-rounded spring wardrobe:

Invest In White:

This probably goes without saying but a few white attractive wardrobe items are an absolute must. Get a plain white t-shirt, or a white chicken-kari kurta for traditional attire that’s lovely.

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